FP4: After reboot: Deleted preinstalled apps recovered and iodé blocker reset


My FP4 shows a weird behavior: After a reboot all the preinstalled apps that I deleted earlier are still there.
And the iodé blocker was reset and switched off.

Often - not every time - when I restart my phone, the screen gets dark and I have to press the on/off switch for several seconds to switch on the phone again.

Does anybody else have the issues?

No idea?

About the blocker, it is probably due to a corruption in the data partition, where the blocker data is stored. This should not happen in a normal behavior, I can’t explain why the data has been corrupted.

It seems to happen only when the reboot fails and I have to cold start the phone.

I thought it happened only once, but it occurs each time you get that black screen ?
Did you installed magisk, or other system modification packages ?

Yes, (almost - not absolutely sure) every time.
And no, I did not install magisk or something like that.

Before, I had /e/OS installed. More than once the phone crashed at an update and I lost all my data.
After the last update I wasn’t able to lock the bootloader and so I decided to change to iodé.

I tried something else: I shut down the phone instead of restarting it, waited a few seconds and started it again - no issues and no black screen. The blocker started and the deleted apps remained deleted.

I’ll keep an eye on that.

Nope! I found out that I can’t control the way the phone starts. It doesn’t matter if I make a reboot or if I shut it down - sometimes I have the black screen and sometimes not. If I have one, the issues are the same as described above.

At least I can restore a blocker backup.