FM Radio wanted

What do you need to know about an FM radio app?

I remember that the headphone cable serves as an antenna? Does an FM radio app work with the Teracube 2e without the headphone cable?

Which FM radio app can you recommend (for the Teracube 2e)?
Please an APK App.

I have the same question. Did you find a answer? What app (withou internet) do you use?
Thank you :slight_smile:

No answer found till this day. :confused:

In the teracube forum also no answer: FM radio wanted (iodé) - #3 by wamodu - Teracube 2e - Teracube Community

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Teracube community:

I ask you to fix the framework.

I’m the wrong person to contact here.
I’m a pure, albeit enthusiastic, user, but not a member of the iodè team
neither mod, nor admin, nor developer.

It is correct here:
@Antoine and @vince31fr

I have no experience with FM-Radio on Android (I use Transistor Internet-Radio App).
But have you tried this: How to Activate an FM Chip on Android: 9 Steps (with Pictures) ?
Apk for this App is found here (I personally never download Apk from such a site):

Have you tried this:

A googd fork of Transistor with more enhancements

Available via f-droid izzy repo

People, please don’t boring the teracube 2e user. This thread is only for real terrestical FM radio and not for radio streams. Please clean the comments from radio stream apps.

Iode must be activate the FM radio chip in the teracube 2e in their ROM. Otherwise, there is no way.

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

Real FM Radio

First: it needs an activation of the FM chip in the iode ROM.
Second: it needs a real terrestrical FM radio app.

Please realized it. Almost 1 year has passed now. I had buy the teracube 2e in the iode shop, because it has an terrestrical radio.

@Antoine and @vince31fr