Flashing Monet ,zip to Toco? (Xiaomi)

I accidentally purchased a Xiaomi Note 10 Lite (Codename “TOCO”) instead of a Mi 10 Lite (Codename MONET)
what would happen if I flashed the monet IodeOS zip onto my Mi note 10 lite? Is there away I can get Iode to work on Xiaomi Note 10 Lite?

I have TWRP and LineageOS 19.0 (Unnoficial) , is there a way to make it work unofficially?

First it would not work
Second you can compile it for yourself

Thank you for your comment!
I would love to compile it for myself.
May you please please please generously elaborate on how that would work? Or maybe can you provide a link for information so I can get started learning how to do such an endeavor? I believe I am capable of doing so, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.