Flash S9 - need help with .img step

Discovered the iodeOS and now want to try it on my S9. Fortunately I have trouble to get the .img onto it.
What I have tried:

  • Windows: not working at all, ERROR failt to send data
  • Linux: confirmation fails after command, at least download processbar moves but stucks at around 99%

Both carried out as stated in instructions, with .img

Device is OEM Unlocked, USB Debugging on and download mode. Also changed on Windows the usb driver.

Also tried Odin3 and the batched version of it. Inserted the file as .tar and converted .tar.md5 but just crashes when pressing start and nothing happens.

I haven’t noted the exact errors, hope its although understandable. Thanks in advance!

Hello @Nomansky,
such an abundance of error messages are absolutely unusual when installing iodéOS on a Galaxy S9. In order for the installation of iodéOS to succeed, I would do the following steps, in exactly the following order:

On a Windows PC, install /Odin3 Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows

On the Samsung Galaxy S9 (starlte) SM-G960F / G-960F/DS / G960N (SoC: Samsung Exynos 9810) install the latest Samsung Android 10 stock firmware

The iodé-recovery file iode-3.4-20221215-starlte-recovery.img can also be converted to recovery.tar.md5 to install it with Odin3 instead of Heimdall. Furthermore, proceed as recommended by iodé.

Thank you very much for the reply. Have installed stock firmware with odin, worked. Now i try to get the .tar (converted with tool from mkh.mourad) onto it but odin just keeps crashing. Also tried a older version of the .img.md5. (Yes checkt if version matches with phone)
Don’t find my error.
Thanks in advance!

Reallly .md5?
Its the extension for checksum, but not for recovery

@AlphaElwedritsch, what are you talking about!

It is possible to convert any *.img file to *.img.tar or *.tar and additionally equip it with a checksum *.md5. Then it is possible to install with Odin under Windows and it is not necessary to use Heimdall only.

Hi Normansky,
I installed it lately on my S9 as well.
In case you wanna try i did upload my recovery used for the install here. Same version, also converted with the tar tool from mourad.
I did use Odin 3.14.4. for the recovery install and ADB sideload for the ROM install.

And in case you are not successfull, you can also try TWRP for starlte. This worked for me as well (i did use it for magisk) but most probably OTA update will not work. This is at least what i read.

Btw, for me the overall rating of the ROM is only average, since for example the VPN adding (without additional app) will not work - seems to be a problem with our S9. Camera quality for me is average-poor but this is mostly the problem with google/samsung free ROMs. :frowning:
Possibility for customization is also not so well (e.g. AOD display can not be turned on/off with timeplan), sound quality at calls is only average (at least for me it seems to be better with stock ROM)…
But however, it’s definitely worth a trial and has some nice features though, e.g. all the blocking features, ready for signature spoofing, supporting different user profiles (e.g. for usage with shelter),…
So I’m still using it, so overall it’s not that bad :wink:.

I’m curious to hear your feedback!

TWRP Recovery is with the first installation an alternative in the sense that TWRP is transferred with ODIN3 and is booted only temporarily, that means TWRP is not installed permanently as Custom Recovery. For this the data transfer is not allowed to be verified.

As soon as TWRP Recovery is available on the device, the iodé-recovery.img can be installed with TWRP-INSTALL, for example from an SD card or an OTG USB stick. Only then must the installation be verified with Reboot to Recovery. Then it continues with the usual known steps. o also with Windows Odin3 an iodé-recovery.img can be installed without Heimdall (and without conversion *.img to *.tar).

Thank you guys very much.

Seems like I’m to stupid. Downloaded your file and also installed Odin 3.14.4. As soon i press start odin close/crash. The file iode-3.4-20221215-starlte-recovery.tar.md5 should be uploaded in odin under AP, right?


Right! The file recovery.tar.md5 must be transferred in Odin3 via slot AP.

Great news! Thank you guys for help, worked with TWRP Recovery. Now trying it out! Thanks again.