Flash light and camera

Is there a possibility to activate the flash light and use the camera? The situation is like this: going in a dark room, no light, activate the flash light, will make a photo, activate the camera App - buh! flash light out. and similar situations. The flash light is needed autonomous to the camera. Solution?

Never heard of such feature

OK. The example was not so good. Its needed in the camera app a really flash light on/out. When i will make a foto in a dark place, the motif is focused with the flash light on. Thats works even on a old Sony-Ericsson K750i: camera on, flash light on, focused, snap.

This feature is actually not available in Open Camera, and we don’t acutally plan to implement it. You can however install another camera app, for example Aperture (the new LineageOS camera app), that we distribute through our f-droid repository.

I don’t find them. Can you post a direct link?

Aperture (iodéOS version of LineageOS Aperture new camera app)

If you have the iode repo activated in droid, you should find it

“404 Page not found”?

Yes, recognized it.
You should find it in fdroid store

Do I understand this correctly? The app is only visible in the F-Droid store when this is opened with iodé?


404 it’s because
Fdroid is looking in it’s repos with this link, but it is in the iode repo and fdroid doesn’t know it

But in fdroid store on a iode phone you should find it

F-Droid iodé repo … i don’t understand it really …
OK i have found it and test it. Its a very simple camera app without special settings. And it has a flash light “on” button (flash light option). Many thanks!

PS: what i don’t (technical) understand is why have the cameras a minimum distance? As far as I understand, this is purely software-related with these cameras. So it could also work without a minimum distance in terms of hardware.