Firewall when using the VPN for IPVanish

I like iode. Right now it’s on my Sony Xperia XA2 and I’m about to put it on my Sony Xperia XZ1. I like the privacy part of iode and am using a VPN web anonymizer (IPVanish) but would like to set up a firewall at the same time. Now I’ve done this on other phones with AF Wall+ but u need to be root which iode does not have by default.

Is there anyway to get a firewall going in iode when the VPN is already in use?


Well, iodé comes with a built-in firewall (iodé app) … Is there a feature you like that is lacking in iodé’s blocker?
I think you need to root then to combine the built-in firewall + an other one + a VPN

Nice, I’m new to iode and was wondering if it had a built in firewall. So I don’t need an additional firewall.