Feature request to have root rights

I wanted to suggest having root rights on iodeOS. Having root rights gives the user full right privilages, which puts users in complete control over there device. Without root, Android (including iodeOS) becomes limited.

Yeah I get there are risks associated with it, however everytime an app requires root privilages you are prompted if you want to allow the app to use root privileges. One useful case is that users can use something like tatinum backup to restore or backup there stuff and it requires root rights.

And if it is a concern why not just have it disabled by default and through developer options the user can enable the ability to give apps root privileges? Or have a separate branch which has root rights. I am pretty sure most users using iodeOS are not novice users and are technical so I just don’t see how having no root is beneficial.

I understand Magisk can be flashed with iodeOS, however users can’t receive OTA updates. That is why I am suggesting it.

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? My device is rooted with Magisk and I receive OTA updates. Just updated to 3.3. The only thing which has to be done afterwards is to patch the new recovery with Magisk

So everytime you receive an update you have to do this?

Yes, but that is no big thing.
Load the new recovery from Github, patch it with Magisk, copy the file to a PC. Boot to Bootlaoder and flash the patched recovery with fastboot.

Whats happen if you disable: Update Recovery
Then you dont need to flash the patched recovery every time. Right?

Good question, I don’t know. I updated recovery because I don’t know whether there are any changes in the recovery versions. The developer should answer this question.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), A7 (2017), S9, S9+, Note9, S10, S10e, S10+, Note10 & Note10+ supported by iodéOS do not have fastboot mode.

The download mode used by Samsung does not accept classic fastboot commands.

heimdall or odin, then?!

I have a Sony XZ2 and there is a fastboot mode

Yes, Fairphone FB3, FP3+, FP4 and Teracube 2E and Xiamoi Mi9, Mi 10LITE, Mi10T (Pro) also, but Samsung Galaxy does not.

Does this apply to CalyxOS or any other custom ROM as a matter of fact (that doesn’t support root out of the box)?

How would update recovery anyways allow you to not flash magisk everytime it is updated the OS?

I don’t realy know, but think so, patching is described in the Magisk app

So lets say I got an update from iodeOS via OTA. So I updated the OS.

So then is the Magisk app still on my OS? What do I exactly do for “patching”

There is a post-install management mechanism in LineageOS (and thus iodé). Some scripts are installed in /system/addon.d, are saved before flashing a new rom update, and then executed after updating. Magisk installs a survival script in this place, which patches the kernel after an update, so there’s normally no need to flash Magisk after each update.

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oh wow that is pretty awesome then :slight_smile:

How can I start this survival script? After each OTA update, the Magisk app was still there, but no root access. Patch recovery as described in #3 works, but if there is an easier way, tell us

I’m not an expert about magisk (and we do not officially support it). There are apparently plenty of particular cases… We can hypothesize though that the survival script is not copied into /system/addon.d. Maybe, if you patch the kernel and then flash it back, there’s no magic to later on copy the survival script. But what I’m sure is that if you manage to sideload magisk, the survival script is copied.

I just looked in my systen, in the folder /system/addon.d is only a script 50-lineage.sh.
No problem for me to act as described in #3

You should try to sideload the magisk apk instead of patching yourself the kernel. I think it works on most if not all the devices we support, and installs the survival script.