Fastboot errors when running for FP3

Trying to install iode OS on a FP3. I have adb and fastboot in the latest version running on linux. I follow this guide.

Here’s the erorrs I get when I start the

Sending ‘userdata’ (316 KB) OKAY [ 0.040s]
Writing ‘userdata’ OKAY [ 0.029s]
Finished. Total time: 0.245s
fastboot: error: ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT not set
fastboot: error: failed to open zip file ‘’: I/O error
Rebooting into fastboot OKAY [ 0.020s]
< waiting for any device >

I have downloaded the mentioned file again.
Any input would be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

I was obviously in the wrong folder, when I started the .sh
You may also follow this guide:

In general the guide for the installation failed, because my adb and fastboot were too old.
So what did I do?
I downloaded the platform tools from here:

They include the latest versions of adb and fastboot.
Then I made sure that no legacy versions of the tools were on my system:

sudo apt-get remove adb fastboot

Then I copied the unzipped files over to my linux system, while being in the folder where the unzipped files were:

sudo mv * /usr/local/bin/

Like this you can use the adb and fastboot commands wherever you are on your system.

Might be worth updating the guide.

Hi, I had this issue too when trying to flash my device - I added the following line to resolve that:
export ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT=/path/to/the/directory/containing/binary/images/
with export -p one can list environment variables