Fakestore update issue

Hi all,
fakestore update seems not to work. Does anyone have the same issue?
Is there any workaround?


I went to pre-installed apps and uninstalled fake store, re-started the phone, installed fake store and re-started the phone again.

see also the chat group

Hi @AlphaElwedritsch
thanks for the confirmation. The issue occurred on a 2nd phone as well. On the 1st try the fix didn’t work. The reason was a pending OS update not yet installed. After installing that, the fix worked.
May you paste a link to the chat group where you took the screen shot from? I think it would be interesting to follow the conversations there.
Kind regards

It should be better to wait for the upcoming 4.4 release, which will be out in a couple of days. It contains the FakeStore app with the correct signature.

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This broke the Google Play Services(microG) for my Signal app.

The iode update 4.4 fixed all issues for my GalaxyS10e

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