Fairphone4 service menu

I have a problem with the audio of Fairphone 4. No sounds anymore, only through headset. Helpdesk Fairphone gives code to enter Service Menu, for further testing. That code does not work for my Iodé 4.2-2023etc.

Code is:

    Open the phone app.
    Dial *#*#2886#*#* in the same way you enter a phone number to make a phone call. Once the last character is introduced, the Service Menu appears.

The fact that this does not result into anything (the service menu is not opened), is this Iodé, or is this Fairphone error?



my experiences in general:
all these codes are not working in custom roms

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some codes only work on the samsung if you mark them in a text and then select call.

maybe also with the fairphone

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This code is not available in iodéOS.
Your problem is surprising: no one else complained about it (and there are many iodéOS FP4 users). Did you check all your settings ?.. If you think there is really an issue, please open one here and please provide a logcat (required when an issue is not reproducible).

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Problem solved in the usual way: switch phone off, … and on again.
Very weird.

The situation of utter silence occurred after the phone switched off on its own due to battery drain. After a small reload, I started the phone again, and then this silence happened. I could not find any setting that made it silent.