Fairphone 5 with external touchscreen


I have a ZenScreen Touch Go (running on battery) that I can plug to my FP5. The screen and the touch screen are working but when I rotate my FP5 to go to landascape mode, then the touch screen coordinates do not seem to be rotated to so I have to swip left/right in landscape to get a top/bottom gesture for instance.

Is this intended or I am missing a parameter ? On the FP5, the touch display is working as expected.

Also I notice the FP5 reports that it is recharging the external device and I cannot turn it off. Is it the DP alt mode that requires power from FP5 ? The ZenScreen has the charging from notebook option disabled. But maybe this is not working properly. Not sure.

Any experience with external device is welcome :slight_smile:


On my old samsung phone I had an option to disable charging external devices. Cannot find it on fp5 though :frowning:
Are there maybe cables with only data and no power transfer?

I am afraid a cable with data but no power won’t work. The cable needs to be usb 3.2 with DP alt mode which includes power.

But the power is the minor problem. Having the touch screen rotated on external Zenscreen is major issue !

Meanwhile I just use the FP5 as is :slight_smile: