Fairphone 5, what are your opinions?

The Fairphone 5 was released today:

What are your opinions about the phone?

I think it will be a great phone for running Iode on it and im hoping that Iode will sell it in their shop.

The only downside for me is the high prize


To expensive.

I like the concept, but the price is hard to stomach, especially when compared to the Pixle A series (with the privacy-oriented ROMs available for it) or maybe even a high-end Samsung (I’m still super happy with my S10e rocking IodeOS :smiley:)


You can’t compare the price of a smartphone produced in China by Foxxcon & Co to the Fairphone…


Happy to see the Fairphones continuously improve! It does seem to be better than all the previous ones. The price is high (as you would expect), but if 8 years of support will actually work out and if consumers can actually stay happy and satisfied with the same phone for 8 years, it would arguably be a lot less expensive! Improved repairability may help this cause too…

It’s a little oversized for me, I love compact phones.

But either way I think it would look better with Iode OS on it!


699 Euro seems fair for what you get.
Size at 162mm x 75.5mm x 10.5mm (which is about the same as FP4) is too big for me.
Weight at 212g is too heavy, even though it’s 18g lighter than FP4.
Hmmm, don’t know. It would be kinda nice to have a non Pixel phone. :joy:


I would like it to be waterproof. I already lost one phone because of sea water and my Fairphone 3+ stopped charging for two days this summer after being stuck in a thunderstorm. For a brand that aims to make people keep their phone for years, I think that would be an important improvement in line with their purpose.

Besides that, to really make me want to buy a new phone, I would like a S10e-sized one.

I hope to have these features in the Fairphone 8 or 9! :smiley:

I really like the extended support period compared to other phones.
I don’t mind the price, especially for eight years, without forced labour in the supply chain, and with more sustainable materials.


FP8 will be released in 2030, FP9 in 2032 :wink: