Fairphone 5: device has loaded a different operating system

I switched my new FP5 to Iode today (iodeOS 4.9), manual installation (not the script) along the instructions was done with only a few uncertainties, but finally I succeeded and nearly everthing is fine now. After installation I locked the bootloader, this also worked well.
One issue remains: At start there is a Message thrown: device has loaded a different operating system. At reboot system continous boot after a few seconds, but at cold start user needs to press the Enter button to continue.
Anybody else with similar problems? Has anybody already a solution?


The yellow message is normal, but it is not normal to press the power button to continue.
But maybe on FP5

Just for your information: It is the same on FP4.

But I had to check it manually. Normally, I only reboot the FP4…

FP5 here. Don’t have that confirming problem, but the screen though. I used the installer

I have it but I don’t really care.

Maybe it’s because bootload is unlocked.

I have the same issue, I am on a FP4, but bootloader is blocked. Everything else seems to work as expected though.

I have the same issue on my FP4. But it’s not really a problem.

I am new to iodé coming from /e/OS. Yesterday I installed iodé via the windows installer on my FP4 and everything went smooth. Now I have locked the bootloader what has been impossible after the last /e/OS-update. And on /e/OS I waited for an update since last October. I installed version 1.17-t-stable, which is Android 13. There was an update for a short time but they withdrew it…

For now iodé is running very smooth on my FP4 and in several aspects I find it better than /e/OS. It seems to be more stable and I like the launcher (on /e/OS I used lawnchair).

And I already purchased a premium account.

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