Fairphone 4 updates for kernel and firmware


i’m interested in a fairphone 4 with iodé os.

as far as i understand, iodé only takes care of the operating system itself (the android part so to say).

it is not clear to me how updates for the linux kernel, the soc and other firmware parts (e.g. the baseband) are handled by iodé.

do i understand correctly that iodé in the end depends on fairphone/lineage (kernel) and qualcomm (all other firmware) to deliver updates?

how fast will such updates be made available for a fairphone 4 with iodé os? can they be downloaded and installed as easily as a regular update?

i doubt that qualcomm will offer updates for their firmware for a long time. regarding security, do you guys see any problem in using a device with old, outdated firmware (even when the os and the kernel are up to date)?


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