Experiencing High Power Consumption on iode ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (crownlte) - Seeking Solutions

Hey iode community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m reaching out here because I’ve been encountering a significant power consumption issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (crownlte) while using the iode custom Android ROM. I’m a big fan of iode and its features, but the power drain has been quite discouraging compared to my previous experience with LineageOS with microG installed.

Has anyone else on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (crownlte) experienced similar power consumption concerns with the iode ROM? If so, have you managed to identify any potential solutions or workarounds? I’m open to any suggestions or advice that could help me improve the power efficiency of my device while continuing to enjoy the benefits of the iode ROM.

Additionally, if any of the more experienced members or developers could shed some light on the possible causes of this issue or provide guidance on optimizing power usage within the iode ROM, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m eager to learn more about the inner workings of the ROM and any specific settings or tweaks that might make a difference.

Thank you all in advance for your time and assistance. Let’s collaborate to ensure that our iode experience is as smooth and efficient as possible on our devices.

Best regards, hatch01

what does your battery usage information say?

I had a battery consumption problem on FP3 because ‘Mobile Network’ was consuming a lot of battery. I removed a second physical SIM card that I rarely used anyway and this solved it. Don’t know if that was IodeOS or LOS or A13 related but it worked. DP

Have you updated your iode recently?

I am wondering because I am facing battery issues too. For me and my recently bought fairphone 4 it is apperently a mobile network issue: it is consuming way more % of battery than other processes/apps, even when I hardly touch the phone and have no other processes really running. I have tried a lot of things that were suggested online. The battery performs a little bit better now, but I cannot believe that this is normal for a new phone.
Therefore i was wondering whether it could have to do with the recent update to 4,3

For me, it started with 4.0 but I found the above solution to the ‘Mobile Network’ battery problem before 4.1