Examples for future improvements (just my opinions and thoughts))


Thank you for a great OS, I really appreciate it. I’v only tested it for a couple of days but I have some things i would like to bring up.

  • No setting to lock wifi or other settings in lock screen.

  • I have not found any spell checker, why this post might be mispelled at some times.

  • no setings to encrypt my external sd card.

  • no setting to create backups, not even in recovery mode without using a computer.

  • would love to have a side bar as in the stock version where i could put apps, different ways to take screenshots and other widgets as rss.

  • In android 10 you could choose to change the navigation buttons to swipe. I’ve tried your similar settings but in some ways it’s better and other not as good. Maybe create anadditinal setting?

  • I can’t connect to hidden wireles connections. It’s not possible to find them at all even though I use copy paste the name from my pw vault.

  • I would love to have an internal phone enhancer which delete cach, bakground apps, memory optimizing, storage sensor etc.

-If possible, could it be possible to change the camera? It’s a big change when coming from samsung s9 stock version which is great.

  • regarding the inbuilt protection system from trackers etc, i cant customise the settings which i would like to be able to do. Add/remove custom lists or even block or unblock specific addresses. I’m no root user so it might not be able to do? Would also be great if I could see the dns setup.

  • Regarding customisation it would be great to have some additional choices without to find and download unknown packs for myself.

  • When using my padlock and fails to swipe the corect pw, it shows the wrong swipe even though I set this off in settings.

  • If possible, could you add a way to use one way to decrypt the phone (typing password) and another when unlocking it from screen lock(ie. swipe pattern)?

  • Add a feauture to spoof location in developer mode

  • a way to see what security patches beeing installed. Now there is only a text showing up to date.

  • Add a wipe setting if the password has been typed in wrong for 15 times.

-an integrated firewall, could be restricted from the user but I would love to see the setup as in the iode app. Or maybe intigrate netguard with custom settings/configs installed and to choose from, i.e to be complaint with a vpn as for example protonvpn.

  • adding a secure boot verifier.

  • Create settings to isolate apps from each other and a sandbox alternative for certain apps.

  • Create an option to login to a hidden “standard” isolated os when starting the phone to be able to bypass security when travelling because you dont want do encrypt your phone. (You have your right to refuse but then they will send you home on a plane.) It could just be a default minimal android OS.

  • change a couple of standard apps to alternatives that could be found at, for example, privacytools.io. example signal as standard phone and sms service, protonmail or tutnota as standard email. Proton is free to use and do also include free vpn and an encrypted calender. It’s easy to forward e-mails and import e-mails from ex gmail to protonmail, only three steps. Also include two passwordmanager alternatives, keepassxc for offline and bitwarden for online.

-introduce the user to 2FA. Andopt is a easy and and secure app to use, if not yet having a yubikey.

  • customize and secure the web browser to include hardening and privacy settings in about:config (disable webrtc, webgpl, cookies, geo etc.(for no ipleaks and dnsleaks when using vpn and is get more compliant with browserleaks.com.) Add standard addons as ublock(now including js blocker), https-everywhere, decentralyse, clear urls, xBrowserSync and firefox multiplatformer containers to isolate your surfing profiles.

  • disable wifi and bluetooth searching in gps settings by default. This should always be off since stores reegisteres bluetooth and wifi signals when walking by them on the street.

  • from your side, create an account on twilio and set up different numbers for users to have as their standard number without compromise the users real number and also be able to register at some services as signal without using own cell number. Also to minimize the risk of beeing sim swapped. Same service as mysudo uses. Also an alternative to create an alias, google voice account to forward calls to the users own number. Except for sim swapping problems this could be used as a privacy enhancer when signing up on sites or shopping online. You could also look at the alternative to do number porting for those who want extra privacy.

  • auto metadata remover settings when taking pictures and filming. Also as a choice on regular files and docs before uploading online.

Thats all what I could think of now. Plese let me know should you have any questions.

I’m looking forward to see your teams development.

Kind regards,

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thanks for the feedback as this will help the developers improve the current state of iodé. So wow, this is a pretty extensive list of features, most of the recommendations are good and are reasonable, but I don’t think that’s the goals of the (small) dev team right now. ( i am no representative, just a user ) so wait for an answer from the iodé Team. Currently, the focus is on improving the homemade iodé ad/tracker blocker. I am also an encryption/security features enthusiast, though I don’t think it is achievable for such a small team to realize all of these features soon, as they need to be written from scratch. Let’s hope the future will allow them to add a lot of features. :slight_smile:

Addition: as a Camera, you can download zgcam as it’s the best software for taking pictures, which shouldn’t compromise your security or privacy. ( especially if you disable the internet connection in LOS settings. ) but I do not think it is necessary to force it on users as it’s kind of slow on some devices.

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I see, I understand what you are saying. Me personally do much appreciate this OS. Performance is great, battery time is much better and the privacy feels good due to the possibility do combinate my vpn which also includes ads and malware protection.

However, I’m waiting for a security update, even though it’s just the regular android update. For me this is an important question.

Regarding the camera tips, I tried that but since I’m against rooting my phone the back camera was very laggy and the front camera didn’t even work
But it seems very good from looking at thier homepage.

you can also try this.

Its the “Go” version of gcam. This shouldn’t require root on S9 as far as I know.

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Anyone else noticed a change in portable charging time with this new update? When fast charging with regular charger the charging time goes from 1.30h to 45 min. Before update i didn’t notice such a problem.

Correction: i meant wireless charger^^