DWD Warnwetter App compatibility with MicroG


I installed all Apps i need in iodé and also tryed to install the DWD Warnwetter App from Aurora store. I buyed this app some years ago, because in my opinion it is the best weather app.
For installation i do an login with my google account in aurora store.

But after installing the app, i get every time, i started warnwetter, the notification that push registratiom failed.
So i think, that MicroG and Warnwetter didn’t work correctly together.
Is there an option to test microG functionality?

some paid apps won’t work, because they do the license check through the Playstore
especially when any license checks the paid apps might do won’t work at all

a good weather app alternative with DWD as weather provider:
I like it very much. fast, free, no ads

Looks great at the first step.
I will try.

Is there also version from f-droid or so. Also without Google Play Store?

no, unfortunately not.

that annoys me myself
But the app is imho the only usable weather app and there is nothing comparable in f-droid.
I have to bite the bullet and go back to the playstore version

I also use the DWD app in the paid version and it works correctly, iodeOS 3.2

I buyed the app 2017. Maybe this is to old and google changed something in this time.

Have you had a look for weawow?

I also bought my version in 2017. Installed is version 4.0.2 Build Date 18.10.2022
It says WarnWetter Vollversion.
Did you add your Google account in the microG settings?

@AlphaElwedritsch Yes I did. It look great at the first view. I will test a while.

@laneb How can i add may google account data to MicroG? I didn’t found an interface for interactiion with MicroG …

Settings / microG/ Google Dienste (Services?) /Konto Google Konto hinzufügen
I donn’t know whether that is realy needed

Oh, there it is … :face_with_peeking_eye:
Yes, this would be help.

But now i will try the app AlphaElwedritsch recommended. If this app is not working, than i will try MicroG settings.


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