Dual screen unlock

Is it possible in iode’ 3.1 to require 2 sets of authentication to unlock the phone? I have a Sony Xperia XZ3 with fingerprint sensor, so I would like to use that and then have it also require a numeric code.


Why would you like to do that? Do you want this to prevent the unlocking of a thief more effectively?

Yes. I’m reading a book about security on the internet and that is recommended generally for phones. I’ve never seen that option on Android, so maybe it’s a feature in iPhones? :thinking:


I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can do that in Android either.

What would be effective, however, is to use an 8-digit PIN and have the option that the phone would turn off after 3 failed attempts, for example. A new PIN entry is only possible after a certain timeout. See this blog article point 8. to 8.3. However, to install the app WrongPinShutdown you need root rights. I had suggested this app or an alternative solution for iodéOS:

WrongPinShutdown sounds good if I had root priveledges. I already have an 8 digit PIN. Hopefully iode’ will implement that app u mentioned.

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