Downgrading microG


I’m having trouble with one of my main apps, Tasker
The problems started after updating microG to v30 (and v31 didn’t solve it)

I can’t be sure that microG is the issue, but I’d like to test it. Unfortunately, trying to install the older verson via Fdroid gives an error (older version code…).

Is there any way to downgrade microG?


You can download the version you want here and then adb install -d your.apk.
However there were only minor changes, I don’t see how it could be related…

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Thanks, I’ll try that tonight.

The behaviour I’m currently getting is very strange, and while I agree that it being microG’s fault seems strange, it was the only thing that changed on my phone.
Plus Tasker is the onyl paid app I use (installed through Aurora by using my Google account), so maybe it has to do with that (some kind of intentional anti-piracy behaviour)

I tried tasker: it it works for me, with microG v31.


I also have the same problem. Suddenly, Tasker does not work anymore. Shortly before, fake store and microg were updated via f-droid.

Phone. FP4
iodeOS-VS: 4.0-20230131-FP4

First of all, thanks for you help, Vince!
Tasker “works” on the latest microG in the sense that there is nothing obviously wrong - but the tasks lock up

But thanks to your Repo as well as the adb command, I downgraded microG as well as FakeStore and everything worked again :grinning:
so than i of course updated via Fdroid to see if it would break again and it did

I’ve narrowed it down: the problem is not microG, but actually FakeStore
After downgrading to FakeStore-4.apk Tasker runs fine again

after having had a look at your repo and seeing that you added an “empty licensing service” in the last update, maybe my first guess of some kind of anti-piracy measure wasn’t too far off
Not that I expect you to revert that, but if other apps keep acting up, this could be the reason and testing by downgrading to FakeStore v4 can be easily done

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Thank you @Privateer for your solution. Exactly, the fake store is the culprit. Downgraded. That was. Tasker works as it should.

Thank you @vince31fr for the quick response.

Automate saves :grinning:

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Effectively, I added a skeleton of licensing service, which just answers that there is no licensing service… This makes at least one app work (french govt taxes app… what a pity). But, if there are problems for other apps, it may be reverted / modified.
Could you grab a logcat of the crash with FakStore iode.5 ?

Thats the thing, it doesn’t crash.

Tasker automates things - p.e. (de)activating display rotation when a specific app is running.
On FakeStore iode.4 (and all the way back to IodeOS 3.1) it works like a charm.
On FakeStore iode.5 most of the time / most task are simply not performed and hang at random points (without giving an error, it just stops at random points)

Like I said, I suspect some kind of stealthy anti-piracy measure within the app - one that intentionally doesn’t give an obvious sign that the app won’t run and is therefore more difficult to pin down for crackers