Does iodeOS have its own permissions manager

I remember in the past with Cynogenmod, it would have its own permissions manager as well as Android’s built in permissions manager.

As iodeOS is based on LineageOS which is based on Cyanogenmod, I was wondering if iodeOS still has its own permissions manager?

nothing own, LOS based default

What is “LOS based” Does that mean “LineageOS”? If so then LineageOS has its own permissions manager?

LOS = LineageOS

you can set all app permissions in app settings

So LineageOS has its own permissions as well as Android’s permissions? I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly?

i do not understand, sorry

I remember that with Cyanogenmod, it had its own permissions as well as Android’s built in permissions, is this the same with iodeOS?

i can’t remeber the cyanogenmod OS details any more…
that was 6 years ago…

Does this exist with iodeOS?

sorry again, i don’t understand

you can set the permission for each app in it’s app settings

I see thanks

You can set permissions per app in Google Android too.

Does “LOS based default” bring something new to the table here or are we speaking about basic Android functionality, which is in every modern Android version?

The CyanogenMod permission manager was called App Ops (App Ops Learns A New Trick In Latest CyanogenMod 11 Nightlies) and yes, is definitely dead.

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That kinda sucks cause it would at least trick the app into thinking that it still has permissions, for example App Ops I could deny the permission for location but on Android’s permission I could grant it, therefore the app “thinks” it has that permission.

As Android’s app permissions informs the app it either is granted that permission or not.

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It’s a shame that every permission do not allow to select “Ask every time” like Location permission.

For example: if I want to upload one picture in whatsapp chat, I have to allow permission to access photos and media. When I have uploaded the picture, i have to go to the Settings to disable permission again. Pretty clumsy.

Thats android…not LOS, not iode…

WA as such is clumsy :wink:

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Maybe the privacy dashboard is what youre looking for, alternativily