Does IodeOS do anything with apps that access hidden methods in Conscrypt

I have a problem running an app in IodeOS (versions 3.4 and 4.0) which runs fine on LineageOS for MicroG and /e/OS. More details in this post

The app runs, and allows you to login, but once the login completes I see the normal app screen for a very short time, then I see this error screen

Looking at the logcat output is see a lot of messages saying

W brsgolf.members: Accessing hidden method Lcom/android/org/conscrypt/ConscryptEngineSocket;->setUseSessionTickets(Z)V (max-target-q,core-platform-api, reflection, denied)
W brsgolf.members: Accessing hidden method Lcom/android/org/conscrypt/OpenSSLSocketImpl;->setUseSessionTickets(Z)V (max-target-q,core-platform-api, reflection, denied)

So I wondered whether IodeOS is more strict about its handling of hidden (deprecated?) methods in the Conscrypt module, causing errors which don’t happen in other custom ROMs?

It’s not the end of the world if I can;t get this app running: all the functionality is available on the web site, but I am curious as to why this is happening. If I can find out the cause I might be able to suggest to the app developers to put it right :slight_smile:

The app is BRS Golf, but maybe geo-restricted to the UK. It is also available on APKPure

PS: the logcat file can be found here

No, there’s no difference from lineage concerning conscrypt.

Did you try to disable the blocker for this app ?

I’m very new to using IodéOS. I will need to go and learn about blockers. Thanks

Later: Disabling blocking for the app - did the trick. It’s now working as expected :slight_smile:

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Hello Guys,

Quite new to iodé and not sure where I can enable or disable blocker. Would you mind specifying this for me?

It’s done in the app called iodé

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