Do you use iodé along with another adblocker/firewall and why?

Hey all,

All is in the title. We would like to know if iodé lacks features that you find essential in other adblockers.

Off you go!


Hi Antoine
I also use personaldnsfilter app… because I can set wildcards there… which I miss in the iode blocker… I can only react when the child has already fallen into the well😉

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Wildcards and personal filter lists
But i think its already on to do list :wink:

But no other firewall app
Except brave with included ad blocker and as filtered private dns

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not a system-wide adblocker, but I’m still running uBlock origin (and other privacy addons) in my web browser on the phone

BTW: I’m running Fennec instead of your build-in version of Firefox as it allows me to install not just the preselected addons, most importantly I still don’t care about cookies

Hi there,

I was wondering whether it would be possible to add Regex style blocking to the firewall system. This is a common feature in tools like NextDNS, and allows users to block multiple websites at once rather than having to, as far as I understand currently, visit every website I want to add and then go into the Iode app to manually block it.

What do you guys think?

wildcards are already under discussion

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I’m using AdAway and AFWall+ since the built in app does not recognize any apps in the work profile which is a pitty. Would be happy to get that fixed :slight_smile: .
And in the iodé app there is also no possibility to block single adresses for single applications. I can only block domains or subdomains but i want to block a specific address. Or I’m too stupid…
So or so add customized domains/entries would be nice not only the given list.

Thank you guys!

You have to clone iode app (which is just the blocker GUI) into the work profile. Thats it…


I use additionally the duck duck go app tracking protection, which blocks additional 3rd-party trackers in your apps.


Thanks that did work.
But is there a chance to block all internet traffic but allow only LAN traffic in the app?

Eventually not via the blocker, but via app settings itself
app settings / mobile data and wi-fi / switches on or off

Thanks for the hint but it didn’t work. I assume if I block the wifi-switch the app can not use wifi at all and of course its needs wifi to get into my LAN network (192.168.x.x). However it might also be a problem with this special app (Plex). I will try to play around blocking some of the domains it contacts.

OK, then it’s mot possible with onboard tools or iode blocker
maybe netguard app, but it means another blocker/firewall additionally

Hi there,

I don’t use any other adblocker/firewall app. (well, except Brave browser). Iode is perfect for me :hugs:


I have uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and Decentraleyes extensions installed in my browser because the idea to browse again without them never occurred to me.

It’s not the same but I still have UntrackMe installed to have redirections to privacy respective clients. It seems to me that iodé is blocking the pop-up from that app to display the full link that I clicked on, I do not have it anymore and I am missing it a bit. But I may have missed a configuration option somewhere in the app and in this case it would be unrelated to iodé.

At the system level I don’t use any other blocker, but also a VPN.
This was also the final reason to use iode. A system-level blocker and freely available VPN.
For browsing I use Fennec with my own addons from my Firefox collection to prevent fingerprinting, or cookie handling (I don’t care about cookies), disabling WebRTC, and some more, etc.

Some reasons why i use other blockers beside iode blocker:

I think the iodé blocker doesnt work with the workprofil. I prefer to have some apps in the workprofil.

An option to load other block lists.

Whitelisting option(popups)

Block connections when screen is off

Customblocking hasnt the best management gui

I like personalDNSfilter ( a lot! I bought his (Freeware!) app. Great guy. Please have a look at:

This in fact allows blocklists that can be found on (for example)

My favorite: Maintained by Stephan van Ruth.

These are by far the best blocklists I know of!

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Please check: Test Ad Block - Toolz
That’s measuring the quality of your ad-blocking pur sang.


Yes, the one and only external i use in all other non-iode devices