Do Notifications Work on Iodé?

Hi all,

I have had LineageOS on my phone for a while, with the intention of switching to Iodé once I’ve tried Lineage out. However, I have noticed one issue with Lineage - it doesn’t deliver text notifications! If I get a text, I don’t get the notification until I unlock my phone - then I get the notification. This is a real pain, as I miss texts and need to be constantly checking my phone manually.

So two questions:

  1. Has anyone else experienced this issue in LineageOS
  2. And does this issue exist in Iodé?

I was told on reddit that the reason for this is something to do with Google Play Services, which delivers notifications on regular Android being missing on these custom ROMs, hence slow notification delivery.

Thanks in advance!


I do not have this issue with iodé. I have text notifications everyday, with my phone locked or not.
Same for other apps such as email.
I never used Lineage so I cannot compare.

I use Simple SMS as text app in case that changes anything, but I do not think so.

Notifications do work in iode. I once had the same issue as you describe (notification only after unlocking) but it turned out push notifications got disabled by some update. I just enabled them and it started working again.