Display glass replacement support

Hello, the glass from the display of my Teracube 2e (2023) is broken, that I purchased from iodé.

Teracube writes that a repair costs 90 € including shipping. However, not the smartphone will be repaired, but an already repaired returned, as well as only with Android and not iodé.

My question here is whether iodé can also repair the display glass and what it costs (including shipping, Europe)?

My data on the smartphone does not matter. It should only be iodé again. I lack the knowledge to install it self.

Hi miria,
You can mention to Teracube team that you’re a iodé customer and they will put us in the loop and send us back the repaired phone so we can install iodéOS back on it before sending to you.
You can alternatively contact us @ support@iode.tech with your order number and we will contact Teracube.

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