Disable text pictures

How do I disable texted pictures from automatically being shown in iodé 4.9?


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This article doesn’t seem to work for texting:


I tried to use disable msm in the APN and couldn’t get that working either. This is a pretty old article and doesn’t seem to apply now:


What I wound up doing was going to my SIM provider (Ting Mobile) and turned off msm there. It seems to be blocking pictures on texts.


My mobile carrier seemed to only be able to turn ALL texts on and off. They wanted me to turn off MMS in the Google Messenger app to achieve my goal. When I told them I don’t have Google Messenger and would not use anything Google, I was told in the chat that I would need to call them.

So, rather than wasting more time with them I found a text app that still lets u turn off auto retrieving MMS messages. It’s called Next SMS:



This is how u setup that app to not auto-retrieve MMS messages. Note that MMS messages are pictures and group messages. I didn’t want to block the group messages but apparently I had no choice but u still get alerted that u have a text to download but it shows up as a regular 1 on 1 text asking u to download the message. When done it will show the message back in the group message.

These are under all settings and chat receive: