Didn't receive UK national emergency alert

Today (23rd of April) at 3pm, the UK government sent an emergency alert to all smartphones in the country to test its new emergency system. My whole family received the alert, except me. They all use stock ROMs on their Samsung phones. Did IodéOS block this alert from my phone? I got emergency alerts enabled in settings.

Here’s more information on the alert:

No. I received the alert with no problems. I sm on the EE network. I heard that many subscribers on the 3 network didn’t receive the alert

I’m on the Vodafone network, and it seems supported. The gov site says 2G & 3G networks aren’t supported and even though my phone supports 4G, it can only be connected to LTE on iodé which apparently isn’t exactly 4G.

I still don’t think it’s anthing to do with IodéOS. A report in the Guardian newspaper says

The overwhelming majority of users who failed to receive the alert appeared to be with the Three network, but some on the O2 and Vodafone networks also reported difficulty. Users whose phones have not received a software update in more than two years, and those who were not within reach of a 4G or 5G network were not expected to successfully receive it.

I agree, it seems more like a network issue. Thanks for the input.

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