DEX mode in iodé os on a S9+?

Hello !
I’ve tested the DEX mode with fully debloated Noble Rom ( based on One UI ) and it’s working well without any google apps on it. But I don’t like noble rom, I miss to much the MicroG menu of iodé Os and its nice firewall.

On the S9+ iodé os is starting really faster than any One UI modified rom I’ve tested, and the battery consumption is also lower on iodé os.

So I wonder if it will be possible to extract DEX from my actual noble rom, and install it on iodé os ( I can use ADB sideload or ADB fastboot ).
But I really don’t know how to do this kind of stuff.

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PS : the S9+ is my test phone, because I want some much a desktop mode function but without GAFAM, at this time my usual phone is a sony XA2 on iodé os.

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