📣 Detailed installation instructions for Fairphone 4

Hi iodé community,

I wrote a detailed how-to article for installing iodéOS 3.2 on a Fairphone 4 (FP4):

The article is from November 2022. Someone from the iodéOS team expressed interest to use this to improve their official installation instructions, or maybe link to my blog post. Now it’s March 2023 and this hasn’t happened, so I post the link here to make the instructions more visible.

I am not particularly an expert on the matter but the feedback here lets me believe that the blogpost is still useful, especially for beginners.

Happy flashing! :upside_down_face:

Those were very helpful instructions indeed!

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your blog site seems to be down , I was keen to check it out, as I thinking of switching from /e/ OS and worry about bricking like others. Although I can’t find any info on iodes security patches to see if /e/OS has a newer one and therefore I should wait a while.

Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the downtime. The website is available again. It’s self-hosted and there was a problem with a system update. Should be fixed now.

As a tip: Whenever you find a website that is not available anymore, go check if the Internet Archive has a snapshot of the website by entering the URL into the search bar. Like this you can still access a copy of the page even when the original is down.

In the case here, the snapshot of the tutorial is available here. As a raw link:


Happy to see that the page made it to the archive :partying_face:

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thanks for getting it back up , I suspected it was self-hosted. No need to apologise I can sympathise with having an update , mess with your self-hosted applications. Any tips you would give , having switched from another custom ROM to iode ? obviously most of the step for install are the same, but its been a long time since I switched ROMS on a phone and especially with one with anti roll back features.

Also do you know the security patch date of the latest iode release? it should be shown in about phone => Android version => Android security update just so I dont try and install an older security patch than the current one provided by /e/ OS. I can’t seem to find the info on the iode gitlab or github repos.

Also thanks for the tip about the archive version , very much appreciated to learn something new like this.

I switched once from a customized LineageOS to /e/-OS and as far as I remember there was nothing crucial that was different compared to switching from the stock Fairphone-Android.

I run iodéOS 3.5 on a FP3 and it shows “January 5th 2023” under “Android security update”. My tutorial was done on a friend’s FP4, not sure what’s the value there. Note that for FP4, there is already iodéOS 4.0 where this security patch version might be different. I would suggest you to ask this question on the iodé community forum if it’s important.

Hope that helps!