Desktop mode in iodéOS?

Hi there,

Although i’m not yet an iodéOS user i’m more and more interested in taking this “leap of faith” and start using a degoogled device and since i already rely on very few of such services i therefore have high hopes i’ll be able to find my “daily driver” in iodéOS (especially since this is not a Pixel centered project).

As the title may already imply i’d be also interested in extending my next phone to a pocket sized thin client, my primary objective would consist in being able to use a remote desktop client in full screen with a secondary 1080p monitor (having BT keyboard and mouse connected) while still being able to use the phone for calls & messaging at the same time.
I’ve been reading that starting with Android 10 there’s a “desktop mode” built in to the OS itslef but i have no idea how that works, taking a wild guess i think as opposed to Samsung’s DeX or Huawei’s EMUI Easy Projection extension it would still require some additional and/or dedicated desktop launcher.

I’m aware the main focus of this project is privacy and i might be asking about a really narrow corner case but i’m just curios if:

  1. this “vanilla” desktop mode is already available with iodéOS
  2. someone here already tried a similar setup.

I’m not looking for wireless casting/mirroring phone’s display but instead having it connected via hdmi to my monitor and that’s why i’d go for this with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ device, ideally purchased from iodé store, with fallback to buying some used/refurbished one from my local market (EU based as well) and then installing iodéOS myself if the phone will no longer be available on the store.

Thank you.