app on Iodé OS

Hello everyone,

For some times now, I have had a growing interest in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

I am considering using the services and their Visa card. Unfortunately, when I try to open the app on my Iodé phone the error “Please install from Google Play” pops :confused:

Does anyone have tips to fix this?

Thank you all,


I think that this app (and unfortunatly all such apps and most banking apps) will not work with microG.
They require “original” google services.

Means, if you need such apps and services, you use the wrong OS.

Hi FairphoneHulk,

Unfortunately I’m afraid you’re right. I have been trying to work it around in various ways, such as configuring Aurora to use native installation repositories (in that case the microG fake store) but the login still won’t work.

I agree with you that it was an expectable issue. However, the problem here is that contrary to banks which propose web apps, the services can only be used through their mobile app.

Anyways thanks for the advice, and if anyone finds a workaround I would be glad to hear about it :wink:

try to type several times on the app, it should open despite the message :blush:

Hello kibiux,

Thanks for the tip! :wink:

Unfortunately, although what you proposed works perfectly, then the login page won’t open, so the app is still unusable…

I’m afraid this type of apps are just too reliant on the Google services :unamused: