Crashing Musicapp on FP4

Hi everyone,
I´ve got problems with the Music app.
I can create Playlists, but when I klick on the playlist the app disapears immediately.
Does have anyone an Idea what causes this Problem?
Thanks for help, Yo

Indeed there seems to be an issue. We are going to look into this

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Thanks Antoine! :+1:

Here is a quickly fixed version :


Hi Vince,
that was fast thanks :slight_smile: .
Sorry for annoying once more.
Now I can klick the playlist and everthing works but when I try to put some songs into it the app crashes again. ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

Really ?? it works here…

yes really,
Now I deaktivated the app first then installed the eleven.apk one more time. Tried it…fail to put songs into the play list. I tried several different songs because I thought maybe a Songfile file was corrupted or something. I found out: Only Songs from SD-Card causes the crash. Songs from the internal memory are funktional and it works. So I´m happy with this finding :slight_smile: Thanks !

Ok thanks for the follow-up. We 'll investigate a bit (all these are lineageos bugs though, we did not modify the music app…).