Contacts: Duplicate Accounts

Dear All,

after upgrading my S9 from iodéOS 2.15 to iodéOS 4.6 (and now iodéOS 4.7) I noticed that in the default contacts app “Kontakte” (build-version 1.7.34), two accounts “Konten” with the same name “Gerät” and same contents are listed. Every now and then the app asked me, which account should be my default account, until I finally selected the first.

Do you have an idea, how I can remove the duplicate account entry?

I already cleared the cache and storage of the app, but this did not have any effect on the accounts (and on the stored contacts).


Unfortunately no, but to completely delete contacts info you have to do it in the System app: Contacts Storage (confusing, I know). Navigate to Settings-Apps->See all apps- touch 3 dot menu top right, touch Show system-search for Contacts Storage.

Caution: deleting storage and cache of the settings app will also delete your Call history in the Phone app, so back that up first if you want to keep it.

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Exported contacts into vcf file. Terminated Contacts Storage. Cleared its cache. Cleared its storage. Restarted contacts app. Imported vcf file. Every contact restored. Great! :+1:

Thanks chrisrg