Compatible devices for video casting / streaming, on Fairphone4

Hi folks, running Iodé 5.2 on Fairphone4. What do I need to cast video/audio to a TV, via a dongle, from both local files and web services? What dongles are compatible: ChromeCast, MiraCast, others? Any special app needed? (Like GoogleHome) I would like to do this without yielding to Google nor compromising privacy, so I guess Chromecast is not and option?
I have read a related topic here, from 2022, but reportedly, via ChromeCast, only casting from VLC was working.
Any experience / info is much appreciated, thank you!


If I am not wrong, FP4 has video output so just buy a usb-c to hdmi and it should work :slight_smile:
The problem I have with this kind of setup is the screen resolution which is not the same on FP (21/9) and TV (16/9). Need to test the Desktop mode and Free Form windows in developer options