Colors seem wrong on s10 after 3.4 update


I wonder if you have the same issue. Running on the latest update, i feel the Gray colors are wrong.

See the screenshots attached. The gray at the top and keyboard are more “greenish”. Same during browsing.
This tint is very annoying.

Videos and pictures showing black as “color” are ok and not greenish.

Anyone with the same issue?

For me the screenshots are ok
Have you get a look on it on a different device? Like you pc

Thanks, yes i did and another mobile phone with e/os instead if iode.

The colors are “washed out”.
As you see in the last pictures i shared, the bottom is this “grayish greenish” color and the upper part is really black.
Same here with newpipe. The red looks as washed as the gray.

In general i recall the s10 had quite a punchy and clear color pallet.

I will check some more but it feels like a software thing - either because i did something stupid in the settings or maybe it got mixed up during the update.

One thing of course,if this is an issue only i have on my screen then surly no one else can see when reading this post :slight_smile:

again, but sorry, for me everything seems ok on all screenshots

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