Clone S10 iodé (broken screen) to new S10

Hi all and happy new year !

My S10 with iodé has its screen broken (still usable though)
Given the cost of a screen change I bought another S10 second hand.
The question is now how do I reunite a new screen and my personal data : soft or hard ?

  1. SOFT :
    is it possible to clone completely (i.e. system, software, data, etc.) my old S10 iodé to a new S10 (I can install iode on it if needed) ?

  2. HARD :
    as an alternative to cloning I also thought of “just” taking the screen from the new S10 to put it on the phone with all data (or even take the motherboard of the old phone to put it in the new one).
    To those who already carried-out such operation (as e.g. described on iFixit) : How complicated is it (can the screen break easily when I open the phone), and assuming both are possible which choice would you rather make ?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

With normal iodèOS user builds there is no full backup and restore.
You have to reinstall and set up the device with the help of seedvault, manual app backup and partially completely reconfigure the device.

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Thank you very much for your answer Alpha, so SOFT seems quite time consuming… Would you have any experience or advice on hardware solution (i.e. changing screen/motherboard) ?

For the hard way…you can look under

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The risk would be too great for me
I would set up again


Hi all, I just performed the heart transplantation (aka motherboard exchange), as I was really doubtful about the time it would take to transfer all data and reinstall everything.
It went smoothly with a hair dryer, a suction cup, an old credit card and a small philips screwdriver.
iFixit was very helpful for the procedure.
Many thanks for those who shared their views on this project :slight_smile:

Only thing I still need to do now is to import my conversations from january in signal, telegram, whatsapp. if anyone has a clue…

I saw this page recently: - How transfer WhatsApp history -

For Telegram, at least uisng the Telegram FOSS app from F-Droid, when I login to Telegram on a new device, all my conversations are there.

Same seems to be true for Signal

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