Clarification Question - Recent Repository change and block list

Hi all,

huge fan of your OS!
Just curious about your recent announcement.

“Due to the migration to our own server, the f-droid repository database must be rebuilt from scratch.”

Could you elaborate why you migrate to your own servers instead of continue using the exiting ones?

My second question is about the more advanced block lists (I am a premium user): is there a more detailed overview of the domains that get blocked using these lists/ the enforced blocking?

Thanks! Again, amazing job!

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We had issues with file size limitations on and github, for rom builds as well as APKs for the f-droid repo: that was the main reason.

The complete blocking list can be found here: iode-snort/domains-black · staging · iode / os / public / lineage / vendor_extra · GitLab. Licenses of the combined lists are here: iode-snort/licenses · staging · iode / os / public / lineage / vendor_extra · GitLab.

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Thanks so much