Casting does not work?

I bought a refurbished Xiaomi10T pro with iodé 3.1 installed. I used it now for almost a week and i like it very much.
But today i tried to cast to my chromecast on my tv.
It did not work, but it kept on searching and searching without any result.
Do i do something wrong? Or is casting with iodé not possible? Or is it the chromecast, since it is googlebased?
Any help/info is aprecheated.

Did you try it with disabling iode app?
Else, i think its problematic because of degoogled ROM

Thank you for your reply. I tried it but it stays the same. So casting wont be possible on iodé i guess. Or maybe there is a workaround?
Otherwise it could be something for the wishlist for future updates for iodé?
Have a nice day.

Casting local videos and streams via the VLC app worked for me. Everything else unfortunately also not.

He Amsterdam19, thanks for your reply…
I will try it. :grinning: