Captive Portal Check broken?

Hi there,

I have the following strange situation: I am in my home network (so I know nothing changes in the configuration of the network) and for some time now I have the situation that the settings app and the status bar state that I am connected to my home network but have no internet access. This happened some times before but at the moment I have it permanently, although I am in fact connected to the internet.
Is the captive portal check broken? Is the check prevented by the block list?
I am on 2.1 on an FP3

Hi juri.gagarin.ii,

I am running iode 2.1 and I do not have the problems you described. However, it may be interesting to know, that I have reconfigured the usage of private DNS in the settings of my smartphone:

Settings > Network & Internet > Enhanced/Extended > Private DNS = Off


I don’t know why, but the problems are gone.
I didn’t change anything in my configuration, neither of the phone nor of the router.