Can't login to snapchat

Can’t login, worked on LOS 18.1 microg, says something about unusual activity or to many repeated attempts.

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I tried remove all iode blockings. The phone passed the safetynet tests.
Is there something else I can do?

Which phone / OS version ?

oneplus 9 pro,
Iode 4,
LOS 20

same issue on galaxy s10 plus, Iode OS 3.6-20230325-beyond2lte
snapchat error code is C14A

I have downloaded the apk of the newest beta version of snapchat (12-31-0-30-beta), now everything works.
I had to deactivate iode blocker for the login process, but I could reactivate it afterward without a problem.

also tried install version 12-31-0-30-beta, got the same error message

Have you activated private DNS? I had to deactivate private DNS for the first login

It was on automatic, turned it off with same result.

Same problem on Xioami mi9 iode os 4.2. and 4.1
Its time to move to Telegram only :smiley:

Now i get Fairphone FP4 and i got the same problem with loggin into snapchat. Maybe someone know how to resolve this problem? Beta version dosnt work for me.

Found a fix? Same device