Cannot install iodé on oneplus 9 pro : "Flashing is not allowed for Critical Partitions"

Hi !
I followed the instruction to install iodé on my OP9 pro from iodé website.
I get this error message " Flashing is not allowed for Critical Partitions".
I already bricked my phone twice.
Does anyone already installed it on OP ?

I’m trying to do the same on a T-Mobile OP9 Pro.

As far as I know, I have to submit an application on this site so they can unlock the bootloader and then I can install a custom recovery to flash any custom ROM like Iode.

unlock token - OnePlus (United States)


my european model worked fine. I’m on iodé since the first beta. I used the Instructions from iodé and LineageOS parallel.

Greetings from Germany

Thank you very much for your response. I can unlock the bootloader easily, the problem is while installing iodé OS, I have this error message. Let me know how it goes once you unlock your BL.

Thank you very much responding. Is your model a LE2123 ?

Danke sehr !

What is your model number and can you trust it (ie, you bought it brand new)?

You updated to the latest OOS13 for the device?

How did you recover from your “bricks”, msm? Version.

Basic, but check fastboot up to date on your host computer (fastboot --version)

No, mine is a LE2125.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

I updated to the latest version (it’s a second hand mobile phone).

I’ll check MSM version I used to unbrick it and fastboot updates too as soon as I can.

Thanks again

I installed iodé on OnePlus 9 (not pro). And i got the same error message “Flashing is not allowed for Critical Partitions” although the phone was unlocked. It turned out that the reason was the fastboot version (too old?). I used 15 Seconds ADB Installer. After the change to another version of fastboot & adb the error message disappeared and the installation of iodé succeeded.