Can You Use Alternative Launchers/Minimalist Launchers on Iodé?

Is it possible to use alternative launchers on Iodé? I was looking at some minimalist launchers for Android - one is on Github, the other on Play store. If I try to install these on my phone with Iodé, could I cause problems, or will they just work?
In particular I was looking at these two:

You can use the launcher of your choice. There are a few ones on fdroid too.

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Fantastic! Thank you. :grin:

I used Kiss and Discreet Launcher from f-droid, in the past
Very simple and stable
But I always come back to stcok :wink:

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I’m very pleased with the iodéOS used launcher. But if I were to use an alternative launcher, it would be the Simple Launcher from SimpleMobileTools by author Tibor Kaputa via F-Droid Store.

The launcher supports widgets that can be resized and customized. The lack of internet access gives you more privacy, security and stability than other apps. With this launcher you do not need to connect your device to a network.

It does not contain any ads or unnecessary permissions. It is completely open source, offers customizable colors and a dark theme to make your home screen look good.

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I used to use lawnchair launcher beta 12
The main benefits are for me the possibility to change the icon size despite you use a small display size (trebuchet make all icons smaller as the display size), hidde useless icon app (as Openboard i.e)…