Camera App (Opencam / Aperture / Gcam) OIS in Camera and Video?

I installed iode OS on my Mi 10T Pro a while ago, and i was just wondering if the OIS is or can be activated in any of the mentionend apps for photos and/or video recording?

I installed the only good working gcam mod including the xml, in the settings (atleast for video) i have the option for enabling stabilization. Cant find any options for photos on any app though.
Is it activated per default?
In Videos i cant recognice any stabilization at all … i previously used the OS Xiaomi supplied (stock rom) and the video stabilization was just plain and simple … awesome!
Photos also were very good, mostly even better than i could get them out of gcam.

So, i could not really find anything about the usage of OIS/ optical image stabilization on the community forums here or anywhere on my searches.

Any info on that topic would be great!