Camera app not present after update

as written in the title, today I’ve installed the update iodéOS 2.3 and right after the reboot the camera app was not present. The other camera apps I’ve installed works fine, so is not a big deal, but I liked the original app. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Due too many new bugs appearing in Snap (making it unusable on many devices), we took the decision to replace it with a slightly tweaked version of Open Camera, which should be present on your device. We will update it through OTA updates as well as via FDroid like we do for our other modified apps.

ok, good to know! Now that I read it I’m noticing that I have two open camera app. From the about section I can read that one is a iodé .1 version (I suppose that this is the one that has substituted the old camera app).
Thank you for the information!

That’s it. It has been updated today to a .2 version corresponding to 1.49.2. Sorry if you liked the lineage camera, but it was becoming unmaintainable. Development is a bit stalled on that app.

Is it possible with the Open camera to take photos with the whole screen (at the screen’s size)? With the previous camera, we were able to take big photos, is it also possible with Open camera ?

Yes it is possible : in the top three-dots menu, lower the resolution. Indeed, the maximum resolution of the sensor is generally in 4:3 format, which does not occupy the full screen. When resolution is lowered, there is generally a full-screen mode that occupies the full screen (which crops the image thus).

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Perfect thank you !

I just ran the OTA update successfully (as always :+1:) and noted that OpenCamera is now part of the iodéOS bundle. Since I had installed OpenCamera before, I have now two OpenCamera installations. I noted though, that you mentioned slight tweaks of your installation. Could you please explain, what changes you introduced?


The changes can be found here (Commits · master · iode / os / apps / Open Camera · GitLab).
Mostly cosmetic changes that can be made through the app itself : preset of Camera API v2, top bar completed, no maximum luminosity, initial pop-up message removed.