Camera App HDR

Hello, with my teracube 2e and the iodé default camera app the photos are blur with the HDR mode. Is this a defect, or what is the cause?

I don’t know if it’s a software or hardware problem.

Only HDR photos are miserable.




I have shoot multiple HDR photos with different settings — all the same: unsharp. The phone was fixed.

DRO photos are OK (sharp).
But look closer, all photos are unsharp on the left side. The lense was cleaned before with a mikrofiber cloth.

Have you tried Aperture, the new lineage OS camera app? You can find it in the iode fdroid repo.

Or you could try a gcam mod, i get the best results with gcam

Aperture has no HDR modus.

What is a gcam mod for a teracube 2e with iodé?

Im using the ZGCAM mod with a special config file for my samsung galaxy s10

too complicated.

You have to look here and test the ports to get the best for you.
BSG is always a good start