Calls too loud even at minimum, Fairphone4

Dear all,
Even at minimum notch, calls sound way too loud, on speaker and on loudspeaker (fine through Bluetooth). On speaker, the sound can even be heard by other people around.
I have read that a similar problem was solved in e/OS 18.
I am running Iode 5.1 on Fairphone 4. Any ideas?
Thank you

That’s quite interesting. I am also using iodéOS 5.1 on an Fairphone 4. And the last phone calls seemed to be very loud (even at minimum setting). So: Maybe I can confirm this behaviour.
But I am not quite sure how loud it was before iodéOS 5.1.

Hmm, I cannot tell either if this is happening since Iode5.1. Maybe 5.0 . But certainly not since much before, I would have noticed.
I appreciate all the help :slight_smile:

I am experiencing the same on iode 5.1 fairphone 4. There is 5.2 available now. I used to have EOS on the phone before and experienced the same issue with a certain release, but disappeared with the next release…

I have read that somewhere else, yes. I am now on Iodé 5.2, and though the issue with the loud calls seems to have softened up a bit, it is not gone. My ears still hurt even at lowest volume setting.