Calling issue: Low/muddy voice on the receiver end when using speaker (S10e)


I have Samsung S10e delivered by Iode. Currently running OS version 2.3.
I have had two phone calls: one with my brother and one with my dad.

I used speaker during those calls.
Both my dad and brother said that it’s hard to hear what I say. I had to turn off the speaker. It helped and my voice became clearer on the other end.

Anybody having same problem or an idea to fix this? I use speaker all the time during calls, because it is so much more convenient and also less 4G radiation towards head.

Edit: added some details

I tested mics with Mic on the bottom records louder sound and mic on the top is more quiet. I made the test by just covering other mic with finger.

Overall recorded sound is ok because recording listens both mics.

Then I tried Recorder app. When I cover bottom mic, it can’t hear me at all. So the app isn’t obviously listening top mic at all. Strange!

Conclusion so far:
When speaker is on during a call, maybe it listens only top mic which is muddier. It would explain my problem.

Can anybody confirm, how their mics work during speaker calls on S10e?

Tested yesterday couple of calls. Speaker worked better, so muddiness isn’t at least consistent on every call. I’ll follow how it keeps going.

Just a word to tell that we keep an eye on this thread, and that feedback from other samsung series 10 users would be helpful. Maybe it could be improved.

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I guess I won’t be of any help, but basically mics are not very good for calls on my S10e: sound is weak.

It’s weak with speaker mode (maybe because top mic is used - I haven’t tested so far, but I will), but it’s also weak without speaker mode. Which is weird, because with recorder sound is good. It’s probably software-related, but I haven’t been able to find something relevant on the internet.

Not sure where you’re located. Here in the US, Samsung phones running custom operating systems like iodé will experience crappy call quality because developers cannot reverse engineer Samsung’s proprietary VoLTE implementation.

My 2019 Samsung Note 10 is like a hybrid phone in that the data runs on 4G but the antenna makes calls on 3G. Now that 3G networks are being shutdown, my phone will often go straight to voicemail without ringing and calls are choppy or “break up” when speaking. There’s no fix for Samsungs for the foreseeable future. I had to buy a non-Samsung to run iodé on. Better explanation here: We're Being Screwed by Mobile Carriers...because of 5G! - YouTube