Buy a new iode phone with a good battery life

Hello everybody,

I’m a new user of iode os. I would like to leave Android for protect my data and it’s my philosophy ( i’m using ubuntu on my computer, i like open-source)

So, i bought a Samsung galaxy a5 with iode and i’m very disappointed by the battery life and i have had some difficulties to get a good answer by after sale service about it.

So, before to leave iode os for murena or return on Android Google, i would like to know if does it exist some smartphones with iode os with a good battery life and perf.

For exemple, what do you think about Google pixel 5 or 6 with iode?

Thanks for your advice.

See you soon

J’ai un pixel 6. Avec une batterie neuve, j’ai 2 jours d’autonomie en utilisation moyenne

I use a Pixel 5, 6a and 7a and i am very satisfied

You have a ~6 year old phone that was used before so it depends on your expectations regarding battery life.
Can you clarify if you wanted a cheap phone ore a small one? I ask because Pixel 5 and 6 are neither.
There are many ways to increase the battery duration if you want, like reducing brightness, deactivating option not used (like Bluetooth) and many more.
Linux user here too. I guess you know there is UBPORTS, (Ubuntu on phones) but I don’t think you’d be happy with the battery life using it.
Can you put a printscreen of you battery discharge graphs?