Bug message

What is that mean


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bugreport-lineage-akari-TQ3A. 230901.001-2023-1…
Any help for this and what does it mean?for Sony xz2

@ISLAM , please can you stop posting identical question in two places at the same time? It is not necessary, we see your question.

Meanwhile, I will have a look at my Sony device and see if I can help.

OK, I see where that settings page is: Settings > System > Developer options.

It would appear to be a page that gives information about your running services on the phone at the current time. You can click on the entries to see more information and carry out some actions. But I would be cautious about doing anything there without full knowledge!

What do you see when you click on the Google entry?

Are you asking about another Developer option: Bug report? Have you created an auto generated bug report?

Your questions can be difficult to understand. There is not much context or explanation.

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