Browser pops up randomly

my Browser pops up randomly. Has someone else this issue?

which device, which browser & which versions? We would need more information to help you here.
You can also send a logcat to us with the problem.

Thank you

Xaiomi mi9, iode firefox forg all with the newest version. IodeOS is 1.3.

Logcat is a little complicated because it happens randomly.

Hi Andy,

For some times I had the same feeling with my Galaxy Note, before realizing that the browser popped everytime I accidentally pressed the ‘Info’ button of the phone.

Might it be the same for you by any chance?

By the way, the configuration of this button doesn’t work for me. The browser still opens when pressing it, no matter what action I choose (even ‘Nothing’). Has anyone else faced this issue?

Thank you all.

Hi Antoine, here a logcat record while i’am in signal and the phone Switch to Firefox.

I think the popups comes always if the phone reconnect to gms/4g+. Maybe to check if the internet connection works?

@Antoine any idea what i can do?

Are you sure Firefox pops up during this logcat?

Yes. The phone changed from signal to firefox. I think its better to read the log from bottom to top. I’ve stop the log after firefox was open.

I took a look at your logcat too. I don’t see where the browser is started. Its package name (com.iode.firefox) should appear somewhere…

Is it possible to disable the left button oft the phone?

Here the next logact while doing a phone call the browser pops up.

Please tell us if the problem persists after the latest OTA.

Hello Venice, i’am not the heavy phone user but what i can what i can day after 2 days: The Browser hast not popuped! Thanks to all your work.

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