Bluetooth issues when using tws earphones or car connection

Hello everyone.
My iodéOS version is 3.5-20230131-crownlte.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F). Whenever I try to use Bluetooth car connection or tws earphones with my Galaxy, I experience issues during calls. More specifically, I can’t hear the other person, and the other person can’t hear me.
Does someone know how to solve this problem?

In my car, I have a generic Bluetooth car connection (no Android Auto), and I use TWS earphones (the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro)via the Gadgetbridge APP.
Note that everything else works fine (music, video).

Thanks to everyone.

From the GadgetBridge app changelog on f-droid, the last version (0.73.0 from 23/02/2023 provides “initial support for Galaxy Buds2 pro”. You should report issues, maybe logs, on its source repository.

Thanks @vince31fr .
However, the same issue occurs when I am connected through bluetooth to any generic bluetooth device with a microphone: I am not able to hear any sound during bluetooth calls. The same for the other person, who is not able to hear any sound from me.

So, the issue occuring also without the Gadgetbridge app.